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OUTAcademy: CPD Training Courses for Professionals

As part of our OUTAcademy, we offer a range of paid training courses for professionals and organisations as well as consultancy opportunities for global organisations who want to bring onboard sexual and gender minorities.


Read about the training courses that we currently have an offer.

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ReportOUT’s skilled Education Officers provide a range of CPD courses for professionals and organisations. More details will appear on this page, but please sign up to our newsletter here to find out first.

We have designed our training specifically for online delivery, to ensure your learning needs are met though interactive, live sessions with knowledgeable trainers.

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Course title: Queering International Development

Course Overview

“Why is international development so straight?”

With the adoption of the Agenda 2030, United Nation member states pledged to ensure “no one will be left behind” and to “endeavour to reach the furthest behind first.”


Sexual and gender minorities have traditionally been overlooked in international development, humanitarian and aid sectors, and this must change if we are to see meaningful development which is inclusive of all. You can be part of changing this system to ensure that no one is truly left behind in your work.

This is an excellent introductory course for organisations who are new to engaging with sexual and gender minorities.

Course outcomes:

  • enable you to understand the terminology used when referring to sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+ populations);

  • explore the global history and development of LGBTQI+ human rights and international development - where do sexual and gender minorities fit into this?

  • explore the reasons why international development has traditionally been accused of being 'cisnormative' and ‘heteronormative’;

  • identify the key development issues faced by sexual and gender minorities across parts of the globe;

  • illustrate how you can achieve a 'queering' of Agenda 2030 by including sexual and gender minorities in your work, so no one is truly left behind;

  • gain knowledge of the mechanisms of how you can engage with SDG frameworks;

  • increase your knowledge and skills in reaching out and bringing sexual and gender minorities onboard as part of your international development work;

  • enable you to become a more inclusive international development organisation.

Who should attend this?

Anyone who is part of an international development organisation or an organisation which works within international development, humanitarian or aid organisations. This course is ideal for those who know little to nothing about the issues faced by sexual and gender minorities, as well as how to engage with them.

Would you like to offer this training course for your organisation?

Many of our courses can be delivered online at a time and date that can be worked around both your organisation and ours. For more information, please email:

Pricing and course details:

  • Course held: Online (Zoom)

  • Course duration: 1 day (10-3pm – including regular short comfort breaks)

  • Course date: 20th January 2023

  • Course fee: £40 per person

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